For many couples, the next big life event to look forward to after a wedding is starting a family

When you’re adding children to your life, one thing you have to be prepared for is making sure you have safe, spacious, comfortable transportation for your whole family. That adorable coupe or sports car you raced off to your honeymoon in may be fun to drive, but can you fit a kid into the back seat? Or maybe you’ve been saving money by driving an older model car for as long as you can. Your wallet might be thanking you for your frugality, but can you be sure it’s safe and reliable enough to drive around the newest and most precious members of your family? When you’ve got a baby on the way, it’s time to start looking into a car that will suit the needs of your growing family. You may not have to go straight for the giant mom van, but here are some things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for a new car.


First, decide if you have the budget for a new car or if you’re going to look for a used one. Driving off the lot in a brand new car can feel very exciting, but online car shopping has made it easier than ever to find good deals on well-maintained used vehicles. The next thing to do, once you’ve figured out how much you can afford to spend, is try to get financing approved ahead of time from a bank or lender you trust. This way you won’t have to try to negotiate financing with the dealership while you’re under pressure to finalize a sale for a car you want, and can make sure you get the best possible terms and interest rate.


The next thing to consider is the make and model of the car itself. How big will it need to be? You might want to think ahead to how many additions to your family you ultimately plan to have, but it can also make perfectly good sense to buy a car for the size of family you expect to have in the near future. You can always trade in for a bigger car when the time is right. Make sure to look up reviews and tests on car safety and crash ratings. Also think about whether the car has adequate room for an infant car seat. They can take up a lot of space, and it’s very important to make sure you have room to install car seats properly.


If you know what you want, budget for it thoughtfully, and get your auto loan approved beforehand, shopping for a family car can be a relatively easy and hassle free experience, and you’ll be all set to get your family where it needs to go when you welcome your new additions into the world. Just remember to keep focused on your budget and your actual needs and go in with a plan.

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