Doves, the Symbol of Love

One should know that doves symbolize the groom and the bride, leaving their parents’ home to start a new family life together. From the earliest times these birds have been considered to bring love, peace and happiness, which are all important to a successful marriage. They should be white as this is a color of purity and innocence. read top article!

There is a tradition of tying a pink and a blue ribbon to the birds’ legs in order to define who will be the firstborn. If a dove with a blue ribbon flies up first, then it will be a boy, with a pink one – a girl. Some couples don’t tie ribbons, but simply watch whose dove flies up first: a groom’s one symbolizes a boy, a bride’s one foretells a girl. In the same way they can also predetermine the head of the family. It’s a good sign when the birds fly side by side or sit somewhere together. In this way they predict a friendly and close family.

There exist lots of interesting and meaningful traditions related to a wedding ceremony. Unfortunately, not many people follow them and even fewer people understand their sense. But releasing wedding doves is still quite popular. What a nice and wonderful sight it was, when couple with snow-white face angelic birds were flying up high from their hands! Breathless guests amazingly are watching over them, waiting for their further actions, as there are different signs connected with the doves’ behavior at the wedding. check it from

Wedding agencies willingly provide this service. But make sure you can practice the dove release beforehand. Although it sounds simple, it is not something you do every day. And if you don’t want to get it wrong in the middle of the ceremony, it’s better to take carrier doves, as they, feeling freedom, fly up high to the sky. Their flight is beautiful, graceful and synchronous, while ordinary doves may not even fly up or will just sit in the nearest tree.

doveDoves are sacred and pure birds. Holding them in your hands, you will feel warmth of your love, relations and feelings which you share with your best half. You’ll remember the wedding day till the end of your life, so it’s very important to fill it with unforgettable and happy moments. Releasing wedding doves is a romantic and symbolic gesture, which will leave lots of vivid impressions and even after years you will feel the same joy as at the moment of being married to the love of your life.

You may release doves after your first husband-wife kiss or as you exit the wedding ceremony location. The first moments of a new family life are magical, like a fairy-tale, because it’s still unbelievable that your dream has come true and you are a unified whole. At this very moment white doves – symbols of love and fidelity, prolong this fairy-tale and add a certain charm to your big day.

One has to give importance these kind of birds for they serve as our great symbol for love!

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