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When you’re adding children to your life, one thing you have to be prepared for is making sure you have safe, spacious, comfortable transportation for your whole family. That adorable coupe or sports car you raced off to your honeymoon in may be fun to drive, but can you fit a kid into the back seat? Or maybe you’ve been saving money by driving an older model car for as long as you can. Your wallet might be thanking you for your frugality, but can you be sure it’s safe and reliable enough to drive… Read Article →

How do you imagine your wedding? Do you see a church and lots of people or do you imagine something different? Weddings are getting more and more expensive these days with all the extras that are being tossed in from pricey gifts for the gifts to exotics places. Have you even imagined what a backyard wedding would look like? With a little help, you can turn any backyard into the perfect place for a wedding. According to an article, there are many perks to getting married at home. For example, there are no décor restrictions… Read Article →


For sure, life in the US is very open and popular among those looking for careers, love and relationships of the evolving kinds as there is such a lot of freedom and goodwill over making your own decisions, so when it comes to tying the knot and arranging for décor, rituals, celebrations etc. there are innumerable choices available to the public that are free for the taking. This kind of variety and open-mindedness regarding celebrations and wedding arrangements makes for easier, more fun and enjoyable wedding planning for everyone involved as the preferences of the… Read Article →

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Choosing the right location for the wedding is also important. It will involve both the church and the reception. However, not all people prefer to do the wedding at a religious place. One can also choose to have the ceremony in other locations. Some of the best examples are along the beach or even in a historical site. The possibilities are endless when it comes to location. The couple simply has to decide where they want the ceremony to be held. This is the same with reception. The area of reception is where the guests… Read Article →


One should know that doves symbolize the groom and the bride, leaving their parents’ home to start a new family life together. From the earliest times these birds have been considered to bring love, peace and happiness, which are all important to a successful marriage. They should be white as this is a color of purity and innocence. read top article! There is a tradition of tying a pink and a blue ribbon to the birds’ legs in order to define who will be the firstborn. If a dove with a blue ribbon flies up… Read Article →

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